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2100 Caldwell Blvd.

This project is currently in progress. This building housed a 87,000SF Shopko since 1986. This building will be split into approximately 4-5 tenants (roughly 25,000SF each).

Datum Construction was contracted by Redwood Real Estate Group from New York, NY to remodel and subdivide an existing 94,000SF former big box store (Shopko) into 3-4 mid-box suites ranging from 12,000SF to 25,000SF. The former Shopko had closed in March of 2019. The Building Owner knew that something’ needed to be done quickly in order to revive the building and attract new tenants.

Datum Construction worked hand-in-hand with the Building Owner to develop budgets, make recommendations on suite layout and placement of tenants in order to reduce costs. Datum also worked diligently with the Architect and Structural Engineer to develop a plan to remove a 22,600SF structural mezzanine which was a fundamental element to the building’s structure. After extensive planning, Datum Construction, with the help of its subcontractors was able to shore up the roof and remove the structural mezzanine, remove the nearly 3,800lb. structural steel beams and’’ complete the column splicing.

Planet Fitness, a national gym, expressed early interest in one of the suites, and has leased 25,000SF.

Datum Construction continues to be an alliance partner with the Owner to develop budgets, provide feedback and lease recommendations to help the Owner stay on budget.

The Owner is currently negotiating leases for the remaining suites in this building and is confident that all leases will be finalized by the Spring of 2021.

Interested and viable tenants include but are not limited to:
• Auto Parts Store
• Indoor Trampoline Park
• Craft Store(s)
• Indoor Climate Controlled Storage Units
• Furniture \ Finishes Showroom


ALC Architecture


2100 Caldwell Blvd. Nampa, ID

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