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About Us

Mission Statement

The construction industry is very dynamic and requires strong problem solving professionals. At Datum Construction we are those professional problem solvers. Our driving force is to provide high level value based service. For this reason, the governing factor is that every action taken is performed with the long term relationship in mind.

We believe that the life blood of our success is found in long term relationships. With 30+ years of construction experience and successful completion of hundreds of buildings in nine northwestern states, we have never lost sight of our motto ‘Building Relationships.’ Standing behind our work, being organized and prioritizing clear communication helps Datum Construction earn your repeat business. We strive to cultivate and maintain relationships as the foundation of our success. 


Fair weathered friends are easy to come by, but long term working relationships are born of working together through every challenge, side by side.


We look forward to being beside you every step of the way to help you achieve your building goals, from start to finish.

Keith A. Jones

President & Founder

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