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Design-Build Services

The design-build, one-stop-shopping approach is the most cost effective and time saving method to complete your next construction project, compared to the conventional design-bid-build process.


Benefits of Design-Build:

  • Contractor and design accountability (contractor hires architect and engineer)

  • One point of contact from project conception to completion

  • Ensures client building plans are executed with maximum precision

  • Minimizes cost overruns and change orders

  • Faster overall design and construction time

  • The design-build construction system is a contracting method that is gaining popularity, as it can provide significant cost and time savings for owners. Whereas the traditional design-bid-build process separates design and construction, design-build provides a single point of responsibility for an entire construction project. Instead of the owner contracting separately with the architect and the contractor, design-build typically ties the architect contractually to the contractor. The contractor then enters into a design-build contract with the owner. The owner now only has to deal with one entity, the design-build team, and not each one separately.


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