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Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings (PEMB)

Why Buy Steel Buildings? 

Datum Construction can save you money and loss of valuable time by assisting you with all of your steel building projects. Large or small, from a commercial metal building to a basic shop or utility structure, our experienced designers and engineers will help you develop and produce the building that will meet your needs and your local code requirements.



1. SAVE MONEY! Steel is the least pricey material of all of the available construction materials.


2. Steel is more impervious to all forms of weather elements and is fire resistant.


3. Compared to other building construction, pre-engineered steel buildings will be up to 30% less to insure.


4. Pre-engineered steel buildings are considered to be lifetime buildings. Pre-engineered steel buildings by Datum Construction provide very low maintenance and upkeep.


5. The power of steel makes it the ideal material for buildings requiring large open floor spaces such as arenas of all types, community centers, manufacturing and religious facilities.


6. Steel buildings can have a clear span of 300’ wide. This gives the designer and builder an enormous space that is column free and adds the ability to satisfy complicated space designs while maintaining an unencumbered floor area.


8. Easier and quicker to construct than most construction systems, theFederal Steel Systems pre-engineered steel building is less labor intensive, saving money and loss of valuable occupancy time.


9. One of the most significant benefits is that the design of your building is engineered to your local code requirements meeting the local environmental needs.


10. Datum Construction's buildings are a pre-fabricated original product that is engineered to meet your particular design, unique exterior colors, needs and wants. Your building is pre-punched, precut, pre-drilled, pre-welded, pre-fitted and prepared to be assembled upon arrival to your location.


11. Selecting one of the many exterior options will make the exterior of your building look like stone, brick or stucco. You are only limited by your imagination.


12. Your building can be dressed up with many unique doors, windows and other accessories that will serve you for a lifetime.


Example Applications for Steel Building Construction :







Self Storage \ Storage Units

Shop \ Utiltiy


Arena Construction


If it is an Arena for equestrian events or for sporting events, Datum Construction will help you plan and design a building to best suit your needs. Along with the advances in design capabilities for pre-engineered buildings there has also been tremendous growth in products to support the arena style steel building market. Unlike Pole Barns, pre-engineered steel buildings can offer clear-span floor space for more than 200 feet.
Datum Construction offers many different framing systems that are designed to achieve the look you want for your arena, while utilizing the latest technology in pre-engineered steel framing. Ask one of our Building Specialists for assistance if you would like to utilize one of these frame designs on your project.

Agricultural Construction


If you are planning on building a structure for agricultural use and not a Pole Barn, Datum Construction will help you plan and design a building to best suit your needs. Our Building Specialists have decades of experience in the agricultural building industry. Barns, Riding Arenas, Hay Storage, Grain Storage, Equipment Storage, you name it, we have done it!
Datum Construction offers several styles of frame systems that are designed to achieve a traditional looking agricultural structure, all while utilizing the latest technology in pre-engineered steel framing. The results are amazing! Ask one of our Building Specialists for assistance if you would like to utilize one of these frame types on your project.
The appearance of your building is important to us; which is why all Datum Construction agricultural buildings include the same upgraded trim and closure package as our commercial buildings at no additional cost to you. We feel that every Datum Construction’s buildings should have the same attractive trim and weather tightness regardless of what it is being used for.

Aviation Building Construction


  • Executive Hangars

  • Commercial Hangars

  • Single Nested T-Hangars

  • Double Nested T-Hangars

  • Residential Hangars


  • Bi-Fold Doors

  • Hydraulic Lift Doors

  • Sliding (Rolling) Doors

  • Pocket Doors

  • Stack Doors

Commercial Steel Buildings


Pre-engineered steel buildings have become a standard form of construction throughout the commercial building industry. Datum Construction has the experience and knowledge to assist you, from initial design to completion of your commercial project.
Today we are able to take advantage of the basic concepts of pre-engineered steel buildings (speed and low cost) and use them to build structures that meet and exceed industry standards. Our design experts can help you utilize these basic concepts and incorporate them into your project.
You will be amazed at the reduction in costs and the time saved when you use Datum Construction on your commercial project.
Along with the advances in design capabilities for pre-engineered steel buildings there has also been tremendous development in products to support the commercial steel building market. Datum Construction has a variety of alternate products available that you can choose from to enhance your building. Ask one of our Building Specialists for more information.

Industrial Construction


For decades pre-engineered steel buildings have been the most cost effective method of construction for industrial use. Datum Construction will assist in the design of your industrial facility. In addition, we will incorporate products that help you take advantage of the latest technology available in the pre-engineered steel building industry.
Datum Construction has the capabilities to offer clear-span building widths up to 210′ and bay sizes up to 60′ wide (Long-Bay Systems) when the design calls for it.
Datum Construction can design your structure to support a variety of different crane systems, roof top air handling units and various other point loads that may be vital to your facility. For buildings that require a Climate Controlled Environment, Datum Construction can incorporate wall and roof panels that provide some of the highest R-Values in the industry.

Self Storage \ Storage Unit Construction


Datum Construction will help you get your storage project started with our design and layout capabilities. Regardless the use of your storage facility, Datum Construction will provide you with the most efficient and economical design. From a simple mini-storage facility, for RV’s, boats or warehouse storage to the more complex buildings, Datum Construction will provide the solution for your storage needs.
Utilizing the latest technology available, our single or multi-story Climate Controlled facilities with our insulated panel systems provide the best protection for items requiring strict temperature control.

Shop / Utility Building Construction


Whether your shop and utility building is going to be used for commercial or residential use or as a repair facility, garage for your vehicle, boat, or RV, Datum Construction has many options available to help you with your design and layout.

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