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"May 1, 2009

Re: Letterof Recommendation on behalf of Datum Construction

To Whom It May Concern:

CSHQA has developed an extremely successful team partnership working with Datum Construction, Keith Jones, and their project management staff for a number of years. We have had the pleasure of working with them on a variety of projects, from small tenant improvements to full site and ground-ups. We have worked with them in a variety of project delivery methods, from traditional design-bid-build to teaming design/build relationship. From our experience, Datum Construction has developed a very solid reputation of completing projects on-time and on-budget.

One of the critical elements to the success of a design and construction project lies in the ability of the team - the Owner, Architect, Engineers, and Contractor, - to develop a positive, productive working relationship with one another. Communication and mutual understanding are paramount to successful completion of a project, particularly on projects where the team has to coordinate with utilities, regulatory agencies, and future tenants while maintaining cost and schedule parameters. This requires a Contractor to maintain close contact and communication with the project Owner, and the Architectural and Engineering team through the duration of the project.

Datum Construction has demonstrated their ability to bridge the gap between the various stakeholders, listening closely and facilitating open communication and resolution of potential problems before they become insurmountable. Whether they are part of the team at the beginning or are awarded thr project through competitive bidding, Datum Construction comes to the table as a team player, with the interest of a successful project in mind. Their professionalism, coupled with their construction expertise and management ability has contributed directly to the success of many Owners' building projects.

I would highly recommend Datum Construction and Keith Jones to an Owner looking for a quality contractor highly experienced, as they have proven themselves fair, knowledgeable, and efficient in project management and construction management tasks associated with our projects.



Craig A. Slocum, AIA

Principal/Corporate Secretary"

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